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If you're interested in lessons, please send me a message!
Please let me know (for yourself or on behalf of whomever): what instrument, age, what experience they have playing that instrument and or music in general.

Many years experience teaching all ages. Lessons are founded in dialogue, tailoring precisely to your interests and needs.

  • Brass Technique: Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba and Euphonium (No French Horn)

  • Music Theory, Fundamentals, Ear Training

  • Repertoire: Jazz, Pop, Classical

  • Improvisation

  • Composition, Arranging, Music Technology


  • "Michael is amazing! Genuine, intuitive and in tune with building a music foundation that draws on playing, listening, reading and writing! My son is over the moon with his lessons with Michael! He is 10 years old and totally engaged. In his words, 'Michael is really good at explaining music and making it fun.' The improvement after three lessons was completely noticeable- and the invitations to see Michael perform are inspirational. We have found a truly gifted musician and teacher!" - Kate P.

  • "Puts a student at ease! When I started lessons with Michael, I was experienced on one brass instrument and a beginner on another one. He was able to show me some useful things about the instrument I was new on, and help me keep going on the one I was already familiar with.

    One thing that really stood out for me: I've always been too embarrassed to improvise musically, especially in front of anyone, but Michael got me improvising--and enjoying it!--during our very first lesson. I was impressed!" - Liza F.

  • "My 14-year-old loves his lessons with Michael. Michael makes learning the trumpet fun because because they play the music my son is interested in learning. We no longer fight when it's time to practice." - Ellen S.

  • "My daughter is learning so much from Michael. She started out having no idea how to play any brass instrument. She's now been taking lessons with Michael for 4 months and is making great progress. He's a fantastic teacher and also very reliable and communicative around scheduling issues. Highly recommended"
    - Robin H.

  • "Michael is an excellent teacher. For the first time in years, my 11 years old son is looking forward the his trombone lessons! Not only he's making lots of progress, he also loves the fact that Michael is always open to play the music that he likes and that they improvise a lot, which makes it so much more fun playing. Michael is also very easy to get in touch with and very accommodating if a change in schedule is needed. Super easy going, highly recommended." - Davide Z.

  • "Michael is a truly excellent instructor for beginners. I really enjoy his approach to teaching theory and practical skills on the instrument. Definitely worth it." - Andre Z.

  • "I had a life-transforming experience today in my trumpet lesson with Michael. I was All-County six (6) straight years and first line at Duke as well as All-State as a freshman in junior high and my senior year, but today I realized that, until today, I was really a "technician" and NOT a "musician." I outworked almost everybody and learned scales and music by rote and muscle memory. I was never much of a sight reader. And I learned fingerings and while I could read music notes and letters and numbers I couldn't or at least never realized I couldn't play by ear--by singing the song in my head and then "playing along" on my trumpet. So liberating and so much fun!" - Gene G.

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