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Tired of MIDI trombones? I love recording! I'm available to record from my home or for your next studio session. Click here to message me with details about your brass recording needs and I'll get back to you asap.

  • Pristine stems delivered fast!

  • Excellent reader, section player and improviser.

  • Versatile in many diverse styles.

  • Compose original or provide feedback on brass parts.

Click here to contact me about recording!

Released studio recordings. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases!
​2020 - Yvonne Teo - A Merrier World

​2019 - Seajun Kwon - Suite Chase Reflex

2019 - Mike Block - It's Time to Dance

2018 - Mutual Benefit - Thunder Follows the Light

2016 - Athieno - IaM
2015 - Kina Zoré - Tchova Nyolo (Never Give Up)

2015 - The Alchemystics - For The Future

2015 - The Steve Bass Big Band - Swan Lake In Blue
2014 - Kim Mayo - Love's Hum
2014 - Lilla - The Awakening

2013 - Jae Cheol Oh Large Ensemble- Time Stamping

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